Attorney Berliner is following the Governor’s guidelines for the COVID 19 Outbreak. To protect your safety, Attorney Berliner is not working in the physical office space of Westport or Guilford. However, please be assured that our office is “open” virtually to manage and address all clients’ and potential clients’ concerns regarding all special education law and advocacy matters. Please call our office with a detailed message at: 203-255-0582 or e-mail: and we will return your call or e-mail promptly to set up a phone conversation or a video conference. To address the “New Normal” and ongoing issues, we are pleased to conduct Zoom webinars with the Stamford JCC entitled, Empowering Parents: The Challenging Time of Covid -19 Health Emergency and Navigating the Road Ahead. For more information and to register, please visit our Facebook page, Stay safe and healthy!

Connecticut Special Education Lawyer & Advocate

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A Connecticut Law Practice, Located in Fairfield County and New Haven County, Dedicated  to Helping Parents Pursue Their Child's Educational Rights 

Virtual Appointments Available. To schedule an appointment, please call (203)-255-0582.  

With 38 years of experience representing and advocating for children, adults, and families with special needs, I passionately focus my practice on special education law, disability law, and legal advocacy for individuals with disabilities.

Perceptions and Expectations: Parents are often in a dilemma as to when to engage an attorney in the special education process.
When it feels like your child's educational experience is becoming an emotional rollercoaster, parents should act on their instincts and concerns with their child's program and placement and consult an attorney as soon as possible.  Parents may not realize that PPT meetings and the development of your child's IEP meetings are legal proceedings that impact your child's right to FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education).

Moreover, school districts are often consulting with their attorneys about your child's situation, and that is why you want an expert attorney to fight for your child's educational rights to take any necessary action. I am skilled in the art of negotiating with school districts.  I can be your eyes, ears and a voice of reason, especially at what can be emotionally charged PPT meetings.

While there are no guarantees in life, often you can achieve better outcomes in meeting your expectations if you are represented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney with many years of legal advocacy adept at assessing the strengths and weaknesses in your child's case and providing appropriate legal advice.

I advise families of children with disabilities whose needs are not met by their schools and are unable to secure a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) as provided by State and Federal Law including the development of appropriate IEP's, transition plans, placements, and Section 504 plans.

I also advise adults with disabilities who are entitled to opportunities as prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, and certain state laws. This is increasingly important to young clients who are transitioning to adulthood and who are seeking further educational and employment opportunities.

Take the first step now. Let's sit down and have a conversation.
Initial Consultation-NO CHARGE 

When a family approaches me, we meet face-to-face for a reasonable amount of time without a fee for the initial consultation.  I discuss with families their concerns, their expectations, and their hopes and goals for their child. It has been my experience that parents know their child’s needs best and should rely on their instincts.

Plan of Action – Parent/Attorney Collaboration 
Once you retain me, and it is determined that I can be of service to you, I will conduct a comprehensive records review. I will engage you in a thoughtful and personal manner to prepare a plan of action. I make myself readily available by phone and E-mail. I will be the one to:  accompany  you to PPT meetings, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of IEP's, obtain out of district placements when necessary, file for mediation, file state and federal administrative complaints, and if necessary, file a Due Process hearing request, and if necessary, file a lawsuit in state or federal court.

My Experience
I have won landmark State Supreme Court cases expanding the rights of people with disabilities to be free from discrimination by state agencies, to select their own legal guardians, as well as prevailing in many federal court and state due process hearings involving the rights of students to receive appropriate special education services.

Reasonable Fees
Everyone has a budget-especially in these difficult economic times. While attorneys and advocates typically charge by the hour, I do not. Instead, I work for a fixed fee which enables you to realistically budget for the professional services that I provide. My fee agreement covers: comprehensive records review, client consultations, PPT meetings, Mediation,  and/or negotiations with a school district in order to achieve a beneficial outcome for your child's educational program.  Fee agreements are based on six months and one year terms of professional service.  Due Process hearings and litigation in court, however, require separate written fee agreements for such proceedings.

My law practice is therefore built on expertise, tenacity, dedication, advocacy, and a commitment to making a difference—one family at a time.

If your child is achieving below his or her potential, I want to help you make a difference. Your child’s future matters.

Call or contact me directly. I look forward to meeting with you.