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Testimonials: Parents' Perspectives

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"We engaged Attorney Berliner after unsuccessfully trying to get our local school district to realize that our daughter’s educational needs were not being met.  After literally years of trying to wade through PPT meetings and negotiating IEP’s we finally challenged our school district to consider an “out of district placement” so that she could finally get the specialized education she needed.    Nothing that we said, no evidence that we provided could convince the school district that they were failing her.
From the outset, Attorney Berliner was personable, professional and very straightforward in explaining the various options we had.  Once we engaged his services, he attended a PPT meeting with us and represented our position in a very clear way.  When the school district continued to hold to their position, Attorney Berliner helped us through what ultimately because a legal battle that we could never have fought – or won – on our own.
    I am very pleased to say that our daughter did receive the out-of-district placement that she needed.  She has now moved through the high school system, and is a better adjusted, more motivated and forward looking young adult than she was, or would have been if she had stayed where she was. Thank you Larry Berliner. You have helped us give her a fighting chance!" - Norwalk, CT parents 

"We came to Attorney Berliner after our 12 year old son experienced bullying at his public middle school and then refused to go to school. He eventually developed fairly severe emotional problems and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder for which he remains under treatment, which included placement at a therapeutic day school.  We were confused by the complexity of the special education system, and unsure what we needed to do.
Larry’s forceful but always diplomatic advocacy on behalf of our son with the school district was extremely effective.  He is a real veteran of the educational law area, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the way Larry handled our son’s case.  It was his excellent work which ultimately resulted in our reaching a satisfactory settlement with the district through mediation.  On a practical level, Larry was pro-active, always returned phone calls and emails very quickly, and took the time to get to know us and our son.  Our son’s struggles in school have been a real challenge for my family, but hiring Larry was the best decision we made.  We received compassionate advice and strong representation at the time we needed it most."--Greenwich, CT parents

"Dear Larry,

We would like to thank you for all the time and attention you gave to our case.  At times, it seemed as though it would never end.  Through it all, you always remained calm and had a measured response even during the times when it seemed like we were being pushed to an emotional response.

There are several things we appreciated when working with you.  You never rushed us through anything, explaining each part of the process as it was occurring.  Our phone calls were always either answered or returned quickly.  Your attitude and demeanor were always positive which made you a pleasure to talk to.

Of course, the most important aspects were your skill, knowledge and experience.  Without those, we surely would have failed.  While many other lawyers rely on theatrics and desk pounding, we much prefered your solid and dignified presentation of our case.  Indeed, not burning any bridges has allowed us to now actually be working as a team with the district on our son's education.

We are happy to report that because of your assistance, our son is getting the appropriate education he needs.  He has made significant advances since the day you first met him nearly two years ago.

Thank you again and we are happy to recommend you to any families needing representation." --
Trumbull, CT parents

"I can only begin by saying that Attorney Berliner went above and beyond our hopes and expectations in helping us navigate the very complicated maze of Special Education law. He agreed to help us out of the pure kindness of his heart at a time when everyone else had turned their back on our family.
During this time, reaching a satisfactory end to our case seemed remotely impossible. Mr. Berliner, with his very diplomatic yet assertive manner and impressive knowledge of special education law, made ending this very difficult chapter of our lives a possibility. To say we will be forever grateful to him is an understatement. Once again on behalf of our family – THANK YOU MR. BERLINER!!!" -- Greenwich, CT parents

"As with many special ed parents, we spent many years in many meetings at our daughter's school. We had been using a great advocate but it was time to bring in an attorney. Lawrence Berliner was amazingly helpful. He was very committed and professional. I highly recommend Attorney Berliner to any family who is in need of experienced and compassionate representation. He is clearly in this field for all the right reasons! Thank you so very much, Attorney Berliner!" -- Sherman, CT parent