getting started

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Initial Consultation
Families will often seek out my professional services whether they are new to the maze of special education or are familiar with special education, but feel that their child is not receiving appropriate educational services. Often, parents are dealing with a crisis situation at the school and they should not delay in seeking the services of an attorney.

When a family contacts me, I will speak with you personally by phone. We wiil then meet face-to-face for a reasonable amount of time without a fee for the initial consultation.  I will ask you to bring recent records to review and identify a general sense of the work involved to achieve the best possible outcome. I will discuss with families their concerns, their expectations, and their hopes and goals for their child. It has been my experience that parents know their child’s needs best and should rely on their instincts. This in person meeting, by appointment, takes place at my Westport office or as otherwise arranged.

Retaining Attorney Berliner
My representation commences once a written fee agreement is executed and payment arrangements are made.

I typically do not charge by the hour. I work for a predetermined fee which enables you to realistically budget for the professional services I provide. My fees are competitive compared to other attorneys who practice in this area of law. I will discuss the specific fee at the time of initial consultation. Payment arrangements can be made. No fee for an initial consultation.